Alternative education

Alternatives to traditional learning

In one of our previous posts, we are talking about three very interesting schools that differ from traditional institutions. The first school is unique because students are not obliged to learn that they do not want to learn, and they can choose what they want to do in school, and even when they want to come (this is particularly attractive for those who can’t identify themselves as birds)

The second school is also unusual because it is hidden from people underground. Although this is a rather pragmatic goal, this place is still quite strange. The third school is more traditional in terms of its academic programme and objectives, but you must win the lottery to register. In this publication we would like to talk about such exclusive and unique schools that can impress you

What would be a useful theme in real life?

This is a question that is never asked by students at Watershed. This school offers a very interesting program: instead of taking all possible classes and memorable words from the textbook, students in Watershed are given a unique opportunity not only to apply their skills in practice, but also to acquire these skills, practicing. Instead of sitting in a classroom and studying incomprehensible and abstract algebras, students can improve their algebra skills by solving real engineering problems. Every major subject is not a simple theory; it is based on a variety of projects that allow students to see how the theory is combined with practice

In addition, the school offers children a number of interesting elective courses in film, mountaineers, photography, music, fine arts, etc. These elections, as well as courses in the field of science (biology, chemistry, geology), are designed so that students feel not only as students, but also as future specialists, because they participate in various professional activities and projects. If students study architecture, they do not look at the images in textbooks, they walk around the city and check existing buildings, how different styles and methods work

Of course, it’s a brilliant school, but it’s totally fine that it doesn’t work for some kids. The study in Watershed requires that the student be very independent and can spend days and nights away from home (in the case of organized trips and expeditions). However, it was very good that such a school existed and that it was open to children in secondary and secondary schools. But you must also remember that such an amazing place costs a very expensive-year in Watershed is more than $20000. Yeah, it’s the price of a unique education system

When electronic devices are Everywhere and This Is Everged

Many parents today complain that their children depend on computers, tablets and other numerous electronic devices. Children know how to use smartphones when they are two years of age. By the time they are teenagers, electronic devices are as important to modern children as air and water. Some schools are doing everything they can to help children get distracted from computers and spend more time reading, singing, playing music instruments, and using nature (for example, this is one of the biggest of Waldorf schools)

However, people forget that electronic devices, as well as the Internet, are not evil if children know how to use them to gain knowledge. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has a school where kids ‘ dreams come true: no textbooks, just computers. This is a school for the future that was established in 2006. This school helps students to use digital technologies effectively and understand them well. Some people might think that this is not a good idea, but in fact we are all living in an age of technology, and it is good that it is important and progressive. If you look at all the requirements for your work, you can see that for each applicant you need to have good working skills with Microsoft Office. Of course, the graduates of the School of the Future are unlikely to have any problems with this requirement. A good thing in this school is that students show high academic achievements in reading and mathematics

The disadvantage of the future school is that admission is possible only if the candidate wins the lottery (the same thing we have seen with the Mount of Mahoganda School in New Mexico). As you can see, schools that offer additional knowledge and unique opportunities for children are becoming more popular, but to become a student at such a school

However, there is a reason why people try to create new concepts of education and introduce some innovations-progress is impossible without such an approach. It is possible that these schools are not the best option for many children, but they give us an idea of how we can improve traditional schools to make them more effective. It is important always to give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and feel their own progress; otherwise, school does not make sense. Schools are places that not only should educate children, but also help them to get an education